An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company
Why us

Products and Services are world-Class with the best raw materials to ensure consistent unmatched performance. A dedicated and strong well equipped service team Real-Time and Quick Response is assured through our customer care team, Customised Multi User ERP, Website & Customer support with Rich Experience by Technical Services, Urgent Delivery Assistance, Report a complaint, Report Good Work, Any Suggestions. Well Furnished 800 Sq.Ft., Fully Computerised with LAN,WI-FI office. Additional Ware housing facility

What we deliver : Value Preposition

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Input Cost, Operational Cost and Long Term Cost
  • Input Cost + Operational Cost =Purchase Cost + Fixed Cost + Variable Cost + Follow up cost.

SAVE : Apparent Saving - Transactional

GAIN : Improve Safety, Productivity and Quality. Reduce Consumables Cost – Consultative

WIN : Reputation and Brand by Safer, Healthier and Exceptional Workplace.-Enterprise

Buyer Seller Relationship

Features Advantages Benefits
100% OTD (On Time Delivery)
  • Good Inventory and Supply Chain Management.
  • Operational Excellence through World Class Processes
  • Assured Timely Delivery
  • Shortest lead Time
Improve your competitive position with safety culture building

100% FTR ( First Time Right)

  • Global certified products to National & International Standards
  • Robust QA processes to provide certification reports with consignments

Minimise rework and rejection

Faster availability, implementation, minimising risk.

Reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Products and Services from finest quality local and global leaders.
  • Competent team with over 22 years of experience
  • One stop solutions for all Safety, Fire Protection, Hygiene, Wiping and Consultancy solutions.
  • Improved safety and Hygiene culture
  • Improved quality and productivity
  • Lower consumables cost
  • Improved safe work culture brand

Improved end product quality

  • Consistent quality of product and services available
  • Innovative process improvement solutions
  • Improved customer satisfaction through consistent high end quality products

Improved Safety

  • Wide technical experience and stable processes
  • Meeting all National and International safety regulations
  • Eliminating chances of accidents or health hazards

Technical Services :

Rajhans Safetech Private Limited is at the forefront of the safety, productivity and quality revolution. Most of our customers are now using our high quality products with inputs from our technical team to improve their safety, productivity and quality significantly.

Our Technical & Consultancy Services include :

  • Benchmarking Products and Services to asses current Performance levels.
  • Troubleshooting for different applications during uses and applications.
  • Seminars at customers end to create Breakthrough solutions with customers. To save time and money