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Photoluminiscent Signages
Photoluminiscent Signages
This comprises of a photoluminiscent material which emits a clear and visible glow when there is power failure and total darkness. The material requires no battery powder or any other trigging source of emission of a glow. On exposure to light, natural or artificial , it absorbs and stores light energy and then absence of light , this captivated light is released to give of luminous glow by its non toxic chemical. All the signs are made and designed as per national & international standards. Customized designs to customer requirement available in any language , size or matter on request
Photoluminiscent signages available in following material :
  • Flexile
  • Rigid Sheet (ARS 10000), ECO Sheet
  • Aluminium Sheet (A RS 10000)
Non Photoluminiscent signages available in following material :
  • Rigid Sheet
  • Aluminium Sheet