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Fire Alarm System
We undertake Turnkey Projects and provide Consultancy & other allied Services in Fire Protection systems at all levels.
1) Conventional System
Conventional System Conventional Fire Alarm System provides the earliest fire detection and warning. This system consists of smoke or heat detectors at designated locations, to detect smoke or heat at the earliest during an outbreak of fire.
2) Analog Addressable
This System combines the capabilities of both Intelligent Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm System.
3) Addressable System
Addressable systems offer benefits in terms of speed of detection, identification of the location of fire and easier maintenance. Intelligent systems also offer tolerance to faults in the system wiring, which allows a single pair of wires to be used to connect more devices to the system, allowing cost savings in the wiring of large systems alarm

Fire Hydrant system is the backbone of any Fire Fighting System and armor for any fire fighter. These systems are mandatory for any high rise building, malls, industries, airports, factories etc. The Fire Hydrant system comprises of the Fire Pump Station, Water Tank and Hydrant network laid around the area to be protected in close loop with hydrant points provided inside and outside the factory building as per relevant regulations.


This is an active protection measure against fire casualties. It provides watersupply through a pipe system which are connected to fire sprinklers. Primarily were used at large factory locations but nowadays are installed in all developments. The latest technology offers 'flexible Sprinkler System ' customized to suit different architectural structure.


Water Discharge system come in two kinds, High and medium Velocity sprays. They are connected to a water supply system that initiates the flow of water via an automatically actuated Deluge Valve.


Pre-action sprinkler systems are installed in water sensitive environments such as computer rooms and refrigerated warehouses. These areas require systems that will operate only in an actual fire condition to save the building and its components from severe fire damage.


After detecting fire at an early stage,our intelligence logic system protects the people, environment and assets by automatically turning the Gas based fire suppression on. It comprises of natural and Neutral chemical agent combining of gas and water.They are available in two kinds:

The innovative extinguishing agent provides reliable protection to the people and the environment. It is neither corrosive nor conductive and does not damage sensitive equipment. Since the agent is non-tonix, non flammable and non explosive, there are no transport restrictions. HFC 227 EA
This is highly effective, low concentration extinguishing agent. It is chemically inert has no electric conductivity, thus safe for electric equipment. Being chemically stable it can be used and stored over a long time. Typical application for 3M TM Novec TM 1230 of HFC227 ea are IT & server Rooms, telecommunication System and Electrical Switching Rooms.


Building Automation is a Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) are the largest electrical energy systems which save 60-70% of your bills. The requirements placed on a modem building automation and controls are demanding and their reliability is a standard feature now. Energy efficiency and cost optimization in building are mandatory. To opt for EX-Buzz means to inert in thefuture.


Access control helps in tracing every entrant in your property. It follows the W3 principle of ' Who', 'Where' and 'When'? This system controls and checks every movement virtually proving to be the eyes of the Human Resources Management.


It is fundamental in high security places like Banks, Airports, Military vicinities etc… With increasing terror threats, the usage of this system has proved to be an effective solution. They are available in 2 different types :


Water Leak Detection system (WLDS) are cable sensors which detect water leakages, combined with detection modules they are connected directly to a control panel. These cable use in AC signal that ensure the detectors do not erode through oxidation.


Proven to be very effective safeguard against common threats to life and property like burglary and vandalism. They work 24 hours a day checking for open doors and windows, monitoring smoke detectors, activating lights and other electrical devices in the premises, commercial, industrial or residential.


Rodent Repellent System guarantees protection against infestation and keeps your office pest and rodent free. Its high frequency transmitter creates 20 KHz an unmatched ultrasonic sound as compared to other repellents, driving the pest away immediately.


Public Address System is effective in case of fire for Passing Mass Message and enabling proper evacuation of people from the premises. In normal conditions can be used for entertainment purpose like playing music.

BC80A- advantages at a glance :

Tested and certified:

According to the latest UL standard

High quality:
Based on decades of experience, in deepth research, and state – of –the-art production technology from Siemens

A flexible solution:
Expandable and compatible with future developments

Cost effective:
Moderate investment and easy adaptation to changing requirements

Easy installation and fast building protection Thanks to installation aids and polarity- free non- shielded cabling

Fast commissioning:
Thanks to auto-mapping and windows based software

Minimal maintenance:
Address and position of detectors and peripheral devices needing ser vice directly indicated

Smooth expansion:
Via card inserts for control panels and T-branches for cabling Easy modernization- through use of present cabling compatibility with existing peripheral equipment, and simple software uploads.

Sinorix overview

Sinorix CDT (Constant Discharge Technology)

Innovation based on extinguishing with natural agents o provide controlled and constant gas discharge that allows a reduction of over-pressure flaps by up to 70%

Sinorix H 0 Gas:
Highly efficient combination of nitrogen and water extinguishing technology with an additional positive cooling effect- for secure extinguishing and reliable room protection.

Sinorix N : Ar : CO
Extinguishing solutions with natural agents for maximum flexibility in design and engineering of systems.

Sinorix H O Spray
Unique two phase flow technology that generates ultrafine water droplets at low hydraulic pressure in order to control open fires effectively

Sinorix 1230:
Solution based on the environmentally friendly extinguishing agent 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid with 42 bar technology that enables highest extingusihing efficieny and flexibility in engineering.

Sinorix H 0 Jet:
Highly -efficiency systems for effective object protection. With its two –phase flow technology, it generates ultrafine water droplets under ow pressure resulting in a high jet length for accurate extinguishing.

Sinorix 227:
Extinguishing solutions based on the globally known HFC 227ea with 25- and 42- bar technology for fast and reliable extinguishing.

Sinorix al- deco STD
Object protection system for machine tools offering reliable fire detection and effective extinguishing.


Out-of-the-Box Installation and Commissioning
Ultrasonic Airflow Sensing
Laser Based Absolute Smoke detection
Pre-engineered pipe network designs
Programmable Alarm Thresholds
Dual Stage Air Filtration
Instant Recognition Display
Instant Fault Finder TM
AutoLearn TM Smoke
AutoLearn TM Flow
Field service Access Door
Multiple Event Logging in separate logs
Event lof-up to 18000 events
Offline/online configuration capability
Up tp 250 m2 (2500 sq.ft.) coverage*